Sheremetyevo-Cargo andKoltsovo Airport began e-freight testing

Koltsovo International Airport (member ofAirports ofRegions Group) andRussia's largest cargo airport terminal Sheremetyevo-Cargo signed anagreement toorganize e-freight testing en-route Moscow-Ekaterinburg-Moscow. Bytheendoftheyear theparties will conduct preparatory work andstart implementing thejoint project onJanuary l. Thetechnology will betested onAeroflot flights. Itisexpected that thetransition toelectronic airfreight operations will reduce thehandling time, expedite thedelivery ofthefreight toconsignees andsave theairports costs.

E-freight is an international standard of paperless communication for airfreight operations, recommended by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Implementation of this standard involves the transition to electronic document communication: production of original documents for communication of airfreight operations only in electronic form and their further electronic exchange between airfreight operation participants.

Sheremetyevo-Cargo is a major cargo operator of Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, introduces the company Sheremetyevo-Cargos Quality Director Andrew Vyskvarkin. Currently we service all Aeroflot flight (domestic and international), as well as flights of major foreign carriers. Our company pays immense attention to the development of information technologies, so we have great interest in the IATAs e-freight project. Despite the obvious advantages of electronic technologies for communication in Russia the project still has not found sufficient support at the national level. However, we think it right to do everything we can to speed up the implementation of e-freight in our country.

Koltsovo Cargo Terminal is a modern airport complex, which has everything necessary to move to paperless airfreight operations, says Koltsovo International Airports Director for Operations Denis Bukin. Joint project with Sheremetyevo-Cargo will allow us to reach a new level of operations technology and customer service. Complete information about the arriving freight will be sent within half an hour after the departure of the aircraft. All the data will go into the information system of the cargo terminal allowing to plan aircraft ground handling, work of the warehouse and notify the consignee of the arrival of freight.

In addition, the transition to paperless airfreight operations ensures high visibility: electronic documentation allows on-line tracking and tracing. Single freight data entry at the dispatching point provides high accuracy and integrity of the information. Koltsovo and Sheremetyevo-Cargo plan to summarize the first results of paperless airfreight operations testing in the third quarter of 2015. During e-freight testing the parties will continue to issue a complete set of consignment documents in paper form drawn up in accordance with the applicable rules of transportation. In the next implementation phase of the project it is planned to expand the list of airports participating in the agreement.

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